Perot Pushes for Continued Focus on Debt

ROSS PEROT told cheering crowds Saturday that he expects the Clinton administration will tax and spend heavily and that it's up to the American people to see that their money is spent responsibly.

The Texas billionaire, responding to Clinton's proposals to cut the federal deficit by raising taxes and cutting spending, said it was time President Clinton explained exactly what spending he plans to cut.

"Give us details on spending cuts," Mr. Perot told about 3,300 people at the Rollins College gym. "Tell us precisely when they will occur."

Perot spent the weekend barnstorming Florida to rally support for his group United We Stand America.

During several stops Saturday, Perot offered his own prescription for fixing the government. It included better bookkeeping, a balanced budget amendment, a presidential line-item veto, quarterly reports on spending, congressional pay cuts, cuts in lawmakers' perks and retirement funds, and elimination of political action committees.

Perot said those who supported his presidential campaign last year could take credit for making the government face up to an economic crisis.

"This time last year, nobody talked about the national debt or the deficit," Perot said.

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