The Bottom Line: Educate the Children

The quasi-censuring editorial "Sad Day for US Education," Feb. 2, appears to ignore some seemingly vital issues. First, a person of Bill Honig's intellect must have known that his acts were either illegal or at least highly questionable. Second, had the judge ruled as "admissible" the evidence of Mr. Honig's motives and of the financial benefits resulting from his errant actions, wouldn't this acquiesce to the dubious theory that the end justifies the means?

And finally, reform or not, the worth of any educational system has to be measured not in its innovative nature but in the education of the children of California. Sadly, the statistics indicate that SAT scores have made little progress out of their dismal abyss during Honig's eight years, despite the unparalleled dollar-to-student expenditures of his tenure. Roscoe S. Hungett Jr., Gold River, Calif.

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