Guns and schools don't mix

I appreciate the editorial "Guns in Schools," Jan. 26. I agree that the violence in America has gotten out of control. I am greatly disturbed by Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan's statement: "We have gotten used to a lot of behavior that is not very good for us." Why should Americans get used to violent acts that occur in their country every day and are causing children to carry guns to school because they need protection?

The United States government is losing control of its country to the violence that is continuously occurring. The US government should stop worrying about its involvement in foreign wars and should get involved in its own domestic wars that go on every day in America's inner cities. If people have "gotten used to" the violence in our country, then I feel sorry for the American children who must continue to carry guns to school for safety because they live in a war zone with no hope for peace. Denise Dilts, Elko, B.C.

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