Clinton and Gays in the Military

The issue of the gay ban in the military has been compared to the integration order issued by President Harry Truman. Both are indeed moral issues. Truman was correct to sign the executive order because race is no factor in determining a person's ability or right to serve his country.

Gay rights in the military is also a moral issue because a persons sexual orientation can affect his ability to serve his country in the armed forces. The military does not allow a husband and wife to serve in the same unit.

Decisions regarding the security of our country would be affected by the judgment of a commander in dealing with his or her personnel, and that cannot be tolerated, especially in combat situations. The patriotism of a gay person is not an issue. Those who want to serve their country can join the Peace Corps.

The decision of allowing gays in the military should be based on a thorough discussion of the effect on our nation's security and not a campaign promise. Franklin R. Fass, Beavercreek, Ohio Colonel, US Air Force (retired)

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