Croats yesterday voted for members of a new upper house of their national Parliament in balloting expected to cement President Franjo Tudjman's hold on power. Opposition parties have complained that the elections were scheduled too soon to give them enough time to mount a credible challenge. The balloting follows a partly successful Croatian offensive ordered by Tudjman against Serbs who occupy the Krajina region of southwestern Croatia, which had been under nominal control of the United Nations. Althoug h the attack drew international condemnation, it was a popular move with many Croats impatient to regain control over territory taken by nationalist Serb rebels in 1991. Danes may approve EC

A Gallup Denmark poll published yesterday showed a majority of Danes will vote "yes" to the European Community's Maastricht treaty in a second referendum on the pact May 18. Danes voted "no" last year. This vote will be on a revised deal. Packwood charges grow

Thirteen more women have accused Sen. Bob Packwood (R) of Oregon of making unwanted sexual advances toward them, according to the Washington Post. This brings to 23 the number of women who have made such charges. Mitterrand to visit Asia

French President Francois Mitterrand embarks today on a symbol-rich trip to the war-scarred former colonies of Cambodia and Vietnam. He will be the first French leader to visit Cambodia since 1966 and the first ever to visit Vietnam. Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe, a pioneering black tennis player and crusader off the court for human rights and AIDS research, died Saturday of AIDS-related pneumonia. Ashe, the only black man ever to win the Wimbledon championship and the US Open, was remembered as the Volvo tournament was halted for a moment of silence. "He was out there doing things, taking care of business to the end," said Jimmy Connors. "He made his mark not just in tennis, but in world events." Cypriots vote on unity

Greek Cypriots voted yesterday in presidential elections that could decide whether they will accept a UN plan which proposes a federal arrangement between them and a breakaway Turkish Cypriot state. One candidate supports the plan; two others oppose it. Australian elections set

Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating yesterday set national elections for March 13 and promptly started campaigning to keep his Labor Party in power. He warned that a change would threaten the national health system and labor-management relations. South African violence

Gunmen with AK-47 assault rifles opened fire on residents of the black squatter camp of Daveyton, east of Johannesburg, killing six and wounding 11 in a predawn attack yesterday. Neither the attackers nor the motive has been identified.

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