The federal government employs:

* 3,126,888 total personnel.

* 39,710 legislative branch personnel.

* 15,178 judicial branch personnel.

* 3,072,000 executive branch personnel.

The vast majority of executive branch officials are career civil servants who are not appointed directly by the president.

The president directly appoints:

* Approximately 200 members of the White House staff.

* 14 Cabinet appointees.

* 400-500 members of the sub-Cabinet.

* Approximately 150 ambassadors.

In addition, agency and department heads appoint:

* 600-800 members of the Senior Executive Service.

* About 1,800 special aides in "Schedule C" positions, which are exempted from the testing and qualifications requirements of the civil service system.

In all, the president and his subordinates directly appoint about 5,200 people.

The Executive branch includes:

* 14 Cabinet departments.

* 5 subordinate agencies: Executive Office of the President, White House Office, Office of Management and Budget, Office of Administration, Council of Economic Advisers.

* 14 independent agencies, ranging from the United States Postal Service to the Tennesssee Valley Authority.

Sources: Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1991; Congressional Quarterly's Guide to the Presidency; Office of Personnel Maagement.

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