* Chief of Staff to the President: Thomas (Mack) McLarty III, Arkansas businessman. * Deputy Chief of Staff: Mark Gearan, former executive director of the Democratic Governors' Association.

* Director, Office of Management and Budget: Leon Panetta, former chairman of the House Budget Committee.

* Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs: Anthony Lake, former foreign service officer and professor of international relations.

* Chairman, National Economic Council: Robert Rubin, former chairman of Goldman, Sachs Corporation.

* Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy: Carol Rasco, welfare and education expert from Arkansas.

* Assistant to the President for National Service: Eli Segal, a Boston businessman and the Clinton-Gore campaign's chief of staff.

* Assistant to the President for Communications: George Stephanopoulos, former aide to House majority leader Richard Gephardt (D) of Missouri.

* Press Secretary: Dee Dee Myers, political operative from California who was Clinton-Gore campaign press secretary.

* Counsel to the President: Bernard Nussbaum, senior litigation partner in a New York law firm. * Assistant to the President for Political Affairs: Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago political operative who was chief campaign fund-raiser.

* Assistant to the President for Management and Administration: David Watkins, director of operations for the campaign.

* Director of Personnel: Bruce Lindsay, a lawyer close to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

* Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs: Howard Paster, ex-Washington director of a public relations firm. * Chief of Staff to the First Lady: Margaret Williams, former communications director for the Children's Defense Fund. * Chief of Staff to the Vice President: Roy Neel, longtime Senate aide to Vice President Al Gore Jr.

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