Israeli member of parliament Yael Dayan is expected in Tunis today for a meeting with PLO chairman Yasser Arafat. Ms. Dayan, a Labor Party member and the daughter of the late Moshe Dayan, will be the first Israeli parliament member to take advantage of the Knesset decision earlier this month to repeal a law banning contacts with the PLO. Earlier "unofficial" meetings have been held, however. A large meeting between Israelis and PLO leaders is expected in Cairo, but no date is set. Meanwhile, the US and R ussia have told Israel the issue of sanctions will not be raised at UN Security Council sessions on Israel's expulsion of more than 400 Palestinians, Israel Radio claims. The PLO said it will delay its request to the UN Security Council for sanctions against Israel until next week, and the Israeli Supreme Court is expected to rule on the legality of the expulsions today. Muslims threaten pullout

Bosnia's Muslim government threatened yesterday to quit long-running Geneva peace talks on the war in the former Yugoslavia, accusing its Serb foes of shipping in new heavy weapons and stepping up attacks against Muslim civilians. Observers said such a pullout would likely be a prelude to a wider war. International support for the Muslim position in Bosnia has been growing in recent weeks, building pressure on the UN to lift its weapons ban against Bosnia. Havel promises stability

Vaclav Havel, a dissident turned poitician, has pledged to ensure the political stability of the newly independent Czech Republic after parliament elected him the country's first president Tuesday. Havel, who led Czechoslovakia's "velvet revolution" against communism in 1989, was elected to a five-year term. In Bratislava, Slovakia's parliament failed yesterday for a second day to elect a new president in a further blow to Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar. Moi suspends parliament

President Daniel arap Moi abruptly suspended the first session of Kenya's first multiparty parliament in 26 years yesterday after rowdy scenes inside and outside the house at its swearing-in ceremony. Aides said Moi would announce a date for the official opening of the house some time in the future and wanted newly elected members to return to their constituencies in the interim. Meanwhile, officials of the Angolan government and UNITA rebels flew to Addis Adaba yesterday for UN-sponsored talks on resolv ing their renewed war and reviving violated 1991 peace accords. Pennsylvania health care

Gov. Robert Casey (D) added Pennsylvania to the growing roster of states seeking to ensure health coverage for residents in an era of rising costs and declining insurance coverage. Speaking at an annual state-of-the-commonwealth address to the state's General Assembly, Mr. Casey said Tuesday a universal health-care program was needed in a state where 1 million residents, mostly from working families, had no health-care coverage. "We want to expand coverage, improve quality, and hold down costs," Casey sa id.

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