Playing the bully

Regarding the Opinion page article "Yitzhak Rabin's Terrible Decision," Jan. 14: The author alludes to Muslim suffering in Bosnia, the Middle East, and India, noting the often-heard perspective of late that the West would be quicker to respond if those suffering were Christians or Jews rather than Muslims. The people whose ancestors established the first officially Christian state, the Armenians, suffered the first genocide of this century when 1.5 million Christians perished at the hands of Muslim Turks .

Not only did the Western world do little more than talk during those abominable horrors, but, the world seems barely able to acknowledge those events today. Perhaps the memory of the Armenian genocide can: (1) reassure the Muslim world that it is not just Muslims whom the Christian world is capable of turning its back on; and (2) remind the Muslim world that playing the bully is not the exclusive province of Christians and Jews. David Arzouman, Los Angeles

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