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DAMAGE - A British man becomes sexually and emotionally obsessed with his son's fiancee, and misery ensues. French filmmaker Louis Malle is a storyteller capable of reinventing his style to suit every new project, but his ideas aren't dynamic enough to overcome the triteness of the basic idea or the overheated nature of the sex scenes, which have been trimmed down. Jeremy Irons gives a smart and sensitive performance, though, and Juliette Binoche and Miranda Richardson are also strong. (Rated R) PASSION FISH -

Paralyzed after an automobile accident, a TV soap-opera star retreats to her childhood home in the South and develops a complex relationship with her black nurse. Mary McDonnell gives a solid performance and Alfre Woodard gives a brilliant one, but the movie is clunky and obvious, falling short of John Sayles's best work. (Rated R)

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