The British Royal Way Under Scrutiny

Regarding the front-page article "Queen Calls for `Gentle' Scrutiny, Hints at Reform in British Royalty, Nov. 27: Any parent can understand the pain that the Queen of England has been going through, and my heart goes out to her, but royal hypocrisy should be uncovered. In this time of upheaval, the "royal way" can and should be setting an example for good for the world.

It is interesting that the Duke of Windsor, through his personal example, knew that hypocrisy was not the way to live and lead his people. I hope that the British royal family can truly reform and show the world a true noble path. Mardelle Westover, Globe, Ariz. Home economics for today

The title of the Learning page article " `Home Ec' Moves With the Times," Dec. 7, thrilled me. We professionals in home economics are battling an incorrect image, and national press coverage could do much to help us. Unfortunately, the article contrasts such "professional careers" as medicine and law with home economics as an "area of studies." It also points out that salaries are low, membership in the national organization is stagnating, and high school boys have to be talked into stitching and stirrin g.

The article might have included that our apparel design majors work with the latest computers, designing new styles and more efficient means of producing and ordering garments. Our textile designers combine space-age fibers with historic inspiration to tantalize the costume with quality at affordable prices. Our nutritionists research dietary problems among minority groups and recommend disease-preventing alternatives. Our interior-design students create plans to revitalize decaying downtown buildings an d improve local economies.

Consumer education in home economics explores the ways people can make wiser use of their money. Words are inadequate to summarize the counseling skills our family and child development graduates possess. The jobs home economics graduates fill continue to meet critical areas of concern in society. J. Lopez, San Marcos, Texas Dept. of Home Economics, Southwest Texas State U. Operation Sundevil

Regarding the book review "The Hacker Crackdown," Dec. 16: Half of the review deals with the feds' crackdown, Operation Sundevil, on high school students suspected of computer crime. The reviewer reports, and seems to condone, the seizure of computers and discs without the due process of law. He states: "As an added benefit, Sundevil seized the instruments of these minors' crimes without forcing the federal bureaucracy to go through the formalities of trial and conviction."

Trials and conviction are not mere "formalities." They are at the heart of our democratic system of justice, our culture, our ethics; and our own constitution asserts the innocence of a suspect until proven guilty. Lanny Cotler, Willits, Calif. Dickens and the Muppets

I am so pleased that the movie critic in his review of "The Muppet Christmas Carol," Dec. 24, stresses that Charles Dickens "deserves all the praise he received for his nearly perfect little book."

The genius of Mr. Dickens is too often forgotten. No novel has ever captured the true meaning and mood of Christmas as well as "A Christmas Carol." William Beyer, Belvidere, Ill.

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