It Can Be Done

HAD just started a new job. Little did I realize when I began that there was going to be a large backlog of work awaiting me. Getting it all done--and keeping up with the new work as well--seemed beyond my abilities.

As I generally do when I'm in trouble, I prayed for a solution. I could see that what I needed was not more time but a firmer conviction of God's ability to solve the difficulty. Before I wrote a letter or made a telephone call, for example, I needed to know what I was going to write or why I was phoning. Because God gives me the understanding I need to accomplish any worthy task, I knew that the sooner I turned to Him for help, the sooner I'd find the ideas that would enable me to complete the work I fa ced.

A statement of Christ Jesus in John's Gospel in the Bible was very helpful. He said, ``I can of mine own self do nothing''. Jesus accomplished great works, usually very quickly. For him to claim that he did nothing of himself was not to deny his important role in the accomplishment of the works but to leave no doubt that God is the cause and source of all good. Jesus went on to say, ``As I hear, I judge''. When God spoke, Jesus responded.

In our daily tasks, we can do the same. God is always speaking. The important question is, Are we listening? God is all-knowing and all-wise Mind. His wisdom can be trusted to reveal to us perfect solutions to every problem we face. We can turn to God at any moment and find the needed help.

When we listen to the spiritual ideas that come to us from God, we are better able to organize our workload so that we get much more accomplished than we otherwise would. God is infinite; nothing is impossible to Him. There are no limits on His capacities or His ideas, for they reflect His omnipotence and om-niscience. Ideas can come to light spontaneously. Time does not have to pass first. God is here now, and so are His healing thoughts.

The human mind and its limited views of what can and cannot be done would prevent us from seeing what is possible with God. Divine Mind, God, possesses understanding that we have yet to glimpse. But this spiritual understanding becomes ours as we humbly pray to receive it.

A constant expectancy of divine help makes us receptive to the power of God in all that we do. Conscientious prayer reveals new possibilities, brings unseen ideas to light, and breaks down barriers to progress.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, ``The human capacities are enlarged and perfected in proportion as humanity gains the true conception of man and God''. God and man coexist as one. God is the Father-Mother, and man the immortal child. Man is heir to God's kingdom. Whatever belongs to God blesses and benefits man.

Christ Jesus taught and proved that the goodness of God has been bestowed on us; our job is to accept and receive it. The spiritually based qualities we reflect--such as clear-mindedness, trustfulness, perceptiveness--make our work easier and more productive.

Whenever we think we have too much to do, we can confidently rely more heavily upon God and less upon ourself. The sooner we put human fears and anxieties aside and trust in God, the quicker His immediate help will become apparent.

I did get that backlog of work finished in a timely manner. I was even able to help someone else with some needed tasks. As Christ Jesus said in Matthew's Gospel: ``With God all things are possible''.

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