President-elect Clinton cites global instability as one of his main concerns in an interview accompanying the magazine's Jan. 4 cover story. According to an Associated Press poll of United States news executives, the presidential campaign, as the top story, was followed by the Los Angeles riots and Hurricane Andrew. In a separate poll of AP subscribers outside the US, the Yugoslav civil war was chosen as top international news story. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, has been named one of several women of the year by Newsweek magazine. Iraqi plane shot down

A US F-16 yesterday shot down an Iraqi MIG over the Iraqi "no-fly" zone in southern Iraq. The international confrontation occurred after two Iraqi planes in separate incidents had entered the "no-fly" zone within 20 minutes. End of IRA truce

Two explosions in Londonderry yesterday have signaled the end of an IRA Christmas truce in Northern Ireland. There were no immediate reports of injuries. British prison riot

Eight prison officers were treated for injuries after a Saturday melee at a Reading, England, prison. Four prisoners unsuccessfully tried to escape by ramming a prison van into a gate. Other prisoners set fires and smashed furniture. Storm victims missing

At least six people are missing and 10 others stranded by flooding as Cyclone Nina swept across parts of northeastern Australia yesterday. Philippine killing

Philippine Muslim gunmen massacred 18 Roman Catholic church workers as they gathered Friday to discuss holiday festivities, the Army reported yesterday. Soldiers were searching for the killers in jungle about 560 miles south of Manila. Floods in Philippines

Torrential rains have killed six people, forced thousands from their homes, and caused substantial damage in the southern Philippines. The National Disaster Coordinating Council said the rains began six days ago about 600 miles southeast of Manila. Tibetans sentenced

Ten Tibetans were sentenced Saturday to from 5 to 9 years in prison for taking part in pro-independence protests in February and May, said the London-based human-rights group Tibet Information Network. Documents containing the sentences, which were brought down a few months ago, only just reached the network. South African deaths

Thirty people were killed in violence in the Cape Town area, the Johannesburg area, and Natal province over the two-day Christmas holiday, reports the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Bangladesh riot

About 400 demonstrators fought battles with Dhaka, Bangladesh police yesterday to protest the arrest of opposition leader Khaledur Rahman, secretary-general of the Jatiya Party. Five people were arrested after the riot; there were no immediate reports of injuries.

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