Members of the Ku Klux Klan peacefully put up a cross in a downtown Cincinnati square near a Jewish menorah before dawn yesterday and police later arrested a man they said tried to remove the cross. On Sunday, several hundred people turned out to protest the plans for the Klan cross, saying it was divisive and a symbol of a racist organization. The Klan won a city permit to erect the cross on Fountain Square by using the same religious-freedom argument that a Jewish group had used to display a menorah fo r Hanukkah. Anti-suicide law

In Detroit, the attorney of Dr. Jack Kevorkian said the controversial doctor will assist in more suicides before a March 31 Michigan law that would outlaw his work takes effect. Since June 1990, Kevorkian has assisted in eight suicides, including two last week. Judges have thrown out murder charges against Kevorkian, ruling Michigan law didn't prohibit helping someone commit suicide. `Flawed' Serb election

International observers said yesterday that there were irregularities in Serbia's presidential voting, and preliminary figures indicated that a runoff would be necessary. Many voters saw the election as a choice between continued confrontation with

Serbia's neighbors and the world community, or peace. Jewish graves marred

Vandals desecrated a Jewish cemetery in Leipzig, Germany, over the weekend, writing "Sieg Heil" and other Nazi slogans on gravestones and a surrounding wall, police said yesterday. Neo-Nazis have carried out a rash of such acts in recent months. Mines shutdown denied

A high court in London ruled Monday that a controversial plan to shut more than half of Britain's coal mines is illegal. The decision by the government and British Coal to close 31 coal pits and put 30,000 people out of work had spread fears throughout Britain's depressed coal country and led to massive resistance in the form of protests to Parliament. Dutch jet crashes

A chartered Dutch jet with more than 300 people aboard split in two and burst into flames yesterday while landing in a storm in Faro, Portugal. At least 52 people were killed and 23 were missing, according to early reports. Cuban election results

Communist Party officials in Havana billed Sunday's nationwide local elections as a rejection of foreign pressures to modify Cuba's single-party system. There was a 90-percent voter turnout for the elections of 13,600 municipal council members, the first held under a new law that also calls for direct elections to provincial and national legislatures next year. All the candidates Sunday either belonged to or were approved by the ruling Communist Party. 7.3 quake reported

An earthquake the Australian seismological center measured at 7.3 on the Richter scale shook the Moluccas island of Ambon in the Banda Sea and parts of northern Australia. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

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