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THE BODYGUARD - He's supposed to protect the life of a glamorous star who's receiving mysterious threats, but he hasn't been the same since his Secret Service days, when he was caught off-guard by an assassination attempt. The contrived story and foolish dialogue of this movie are enough to defeat even Whitney Houston's beautiful smile, not to mention Kevin Costner's awful new haircut. Written by Lawrence Kasdan, whose career has seen far better days, and directed by Mick Jackson. (Rated R) JENNIFER EIGHT - A cop chases a murderer who preys on blind women. The picture is capably acted, especially by Andy Garcia and Uma Thurman, but it's also gory and much too long. Bruce Robinson directed from his own screenplay. (Rated R) TOUS LES MATINS DU MONDE - Gerard Depardieu plays the great baroque composer Marin Marais in a wonderfully dour and offbeat performance, and his talented son Guillaume Depardieu plays the same composer as a young man. The story, about a young musician finding artistic inspiration and romantic love in the home of a crusty old mentor and his daughters, is less interesting than the acting that goes into it; and the mood of the film is more stodgy than it has to be, although the cinematography is quite pretty. The title translates as "All the Mornings of the World." Directed by Alain Corneau. (Not rated)

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