A decade after leading the nation's third-largest automaker from the brink of bankruptcy, Lee Iacocca has been asked to turn around Trans World Airlines, which is in bankruptcy. The Chrysler Corporation chairman, who retires at the end of this month, met with leaders of TWA's Machinists union Wednesday to discuss taking the helm of TWA after owner Carl Icahn relinquishes control, a Chrysler spokesman said yesterday. CIA spy chief convicted

Former Central Intelligence Agency spy chief Clair George was convicted Wednesday in Washington of lying to Congress about the Iran-contra affair. The verdict made Mr. George the highest-ranking CIA official convicted of felonies committed in the course of duty. The verdict was called a "significant victory" by independent counsel Law-rence Walsh, whose embattled office has endured a series of legal setbacks and mounting criticism about the length and expense of the six-year, $32.8 million investigation. Killed miners found

Searchers yesterday found the bodies of seven men killed in a coal mine explosion in Norton, Va., but dangerous levels of methane gas forced them to withdraw before they could locate an eighth miner or remove the dead. There was no word on the cause of the blast, which caught the men more than a mile inside the mine. Tajik violence reported

Amid conflicting reports, an official with Tajikistan's national security committee, contacted by telephone, said yesterday that fighting was raging in the capital of Dushanbe and tanks and heavy weapons were being used in the streets. The city has been blockaded for two months by ex-communist rebels massing in nearby towns. The city is defended by a self-styled People's Democratic Army under Islamic mullahs. Bundesbank stands pat

The German Bundesbank said yesterday that it was leaving interest rates unchanged, but it raised its target for 1993 money supply growth in a move that currency dealers said would make it easier to cut rates in the future. High German interest rates have driven up the mark and strained the Exchange Rate Mechanism, Europe's system of keeping its currencies aligned, almost to the breaking point. Massive rally in Greece

More than a million Greeks gathered in central Athens yesterday, police said, in a rally to demand that the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia change its name before being recognized internationally. Greece says the name Macedonia is taken from an ancient Greek people and its use implies territorial claims on the northern Greek province of the same name. Mudslide takes toll

With the known death toll yesterday nearing 100, heavy rains thwarted rescuers' attempts to reach a Bolivian mining town that was covered in a mudslide. Hundreds of residents are missing and feared dead. At least 10 relief workers trying to reach the site of the disaster in the Andean foothills 120 miles north of La Paz were killed Wednesday when their bus plunged off a cliff. The area's ecology has been weakened by the heavy use of bulldozers.

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