US Vote an Example For Arabs

Thank you for the front-page article "US Vote Cheers Arabs Yearning for Democracy," Nov. 10. Having a keen interest in North Africa, I found the article both enlightening and informative. However, one group of Algerians and Moroccans you failed to bring to light is the often forgotten students and immigrants who have made their homes in southern France in hope of finding a better life, a better education, and more freedom.

I just returned from a two-year study program in southern France, and with me I brought the memories of Moroccan friends and a greater understanding of the Arab culture. The thousands of Arabs in southern France have similar attitudes as their friends in Algeria and Morocco toward the American government. But, because of their exposure to Western culture and ideals, these students have a deeper understanding of what the election of Gov. Bill Clinton could mean to their struggling governments back home.

A country's future rests with its youth. Therefore, North Africa's future of freedom and democracy lies with the Arab students who study in southern France, and their opinions of the recent presidential election deserve and demand the same attention given to the people who live in North Africa. Mark D. Powell, Rexburg, Idaho

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