PBS Show Strikes at Sexual Harrassment

LAST year, the allegations of sexual harassment involving Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill galvanized public awareness of this once-neglected issue. This Jan. 8, PBS will broadcast "Sex, Power and the Workplace," a documentary narrated by actress Joanna Cassidy. The program tries to answer the questions: What is sexual harassment? Why does it happen? Who's to blame? What can be done about it?

In addition to interviews with women who have fought court battles against harrassment, the program features discussions with such experts as Carla Barboza, an attorney specializing in civil rights; Freada Kline, a management training consultant; Michelle Paludi, professor of psychology at Hunter College; Bernice Sandler, senior associate at the Center for Women's Policy Studies; and Leo Turrell, legal counsel with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

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