Limits for Welfare Recipients

Regarding the Opinion page article "Hold Off on Welfare Change," Nov. 16: Having been raised in a low-income, single-mother household, I understand all too well the inherent dangers and difficulties faced by families in situations the author uses to support his opinion that limits should not be placed on collections from the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program. Such limitations, however, are a definite step in the right direction to freedom from the overburdened welfare system.

While the ideal situation may be to help all, free government handouts are not the answer. Placing a limit on the amount of time people are allowed to receive government aid would help people focus their abilities to help themselves. No one should receive free handouts at the expense of others without the understanding that such benefits might one day end. Limiting the time people might receive aid would help welfare recipients develop talents which will help them live better lives on their own. Michael Davis, Rexburg, Idaho

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