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BROTHER'S KEEPER - A man who lived and worked on a ramshackle dairy farm in upstate New York was found dead. One of his brothers confessed to killing him but then recanted, and much of the local community rallied to his defense, notwithstanding the peculiar habits of the accused man and his siblings. Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky made this engrossing documentary. (Not rated) INNOCENT BLOOD - Creepy effects and vulgar jokes are the main ingredients of this miscalculated yarn about a vampire on the loose in Pittsburgh, where she gets mixed up with a mobster and an undercover cop. There's a certain dark energy to the lead performance by Anne Parillaud, best known as the star of "La Femme Nikita" a few years back, but there's little else to recommend. John Landis directed. (Rated R) MISTRESS - An idealistic filmmaker finds himself in the clutches of an energetic but rather sleazy producer, whose potential investors are less interested in art than in getting movie roles for their girlfriends. Barry Primus directed this uneven but hard-hitting comedy, which features a continual parade of savvy performances. (Not rated)

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