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Detroit prosecutors are being praised by community leaders for indicting four police officers in a case that some fear could touch off the kind of violence that followed the Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles. Two Detroit officers were charged with murder, one with manslaughter, and one with assault Nov. 16 in the beating death of Malice Green. Three other officers, also suspended without pay after Green's death, were not charged because of insufficient evidence. Senators tour Vietnam

Three United States senators made an unprecedented tour Nov. 17 of Vietnam's military headquarters but found nothing to substantiate reports of American prisoners sighted there after the Vietnam War. US high-tech falls

Key US high-technology industries, including consumer electronics and robotics, lost ground in the 1980s to foreign competitors, particularly Japan, the congressional General Accounting Office says. At the same time, however, Matsushita Electrical Industrial, Japan's biggest consumer electronics company, announced Nov. 17 a 79 percent drop in profits this year. New Catholic catechism

The Roman Catholic Church's new catechism finds new implications in the Ten Commandments, ranking as sins such phenomena as white-collar crime, mistreatment of the environment, and genetic engineering. French clergymen introduced the new catechism on Nov. 16. Fighting in Bosnia

Intensified artillery fire around Sarajevo knocked out electricity and water in much of the city as fighting continued in several areas of Bosnia, United Nations officials said Nov. 17. But they remained optimistic about a six-day-old cease-fire. Syria-Israel talks stall

Syria's chief negotiator said Nov. 17 that Israel's refusal to surrender territory imperiled prospects for an agreement on peace principles between the two old foes. Ambassador Muwaffiq al-Allaf said, in Washington, "these negotiations have been stymied." Nigeria elections

To salvage Nigeria's corrupted election process, the country's leader, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, announced Nov. 17 the two national political parties will hold conventions to select presidential candidates. But it remained unclear if Nigeria's third transition to civilian rule would occur on Jan. 2, 1993, as scheduled.

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