"For I would ... move beyond the intellect."

Elizabeth Jennings That bright star whose glow touches our eyes no longer exists....

This textbook cosmic twist dims in the distant light that's reaching us. The death of the star has not deprived the night of the rays' immediacy. The light alone is real. It's like our love. That first brightness - through simple words that met and made us free together - years later startles us into living. But what we now share flairs out far beyond what we once were. Only the love, light-wise, is actual: the relationship we thought was once its source no longer exists....

Here a glow becomes the music of a sphere. The journey of light's resonance in us denies its history - turns time to song. We no longer ask Where have the years all gone? (Of course, the question is irrelevant.) For, yes, the tireless fact of us is light - light that glows agelessly young along what we suddenly are. And night after night the far faint rays of song we learn to see remain a lost sun's cosmic legacy.

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