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A huge Berlin demonstration to condemn rightist violence against foreigners was disrupted Sunday by leftists who threw rocks and stones at Chancellor Helmut Kohl and President Richard von Weizsaecker.... Norway's ruling Labor Party voted Sunday to seek membership in the European Community, even though a majority of Norwegians say they don't want to join. Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland said the application would be sent as soon as possible.... Irish elections have been set for Nov. 25 after the gove rnment of Prime Minister Albert Reynolds lost a vote of confidence in parliament last week.... Alexander Dubcek, the former Czechoslovak leader whose failed 1968 attempt to loosen the tight Communist grip on his nation became known as the "Prague Spring," died late Saturday.... A Japanese escort ship collided Sunday with a Greenpeace boat tracking a freighter laden with highly toxic plutonium, the Greenpeace crew reported. The ship's 1.7-ton cargo is believed to be the largest amount of plutonium ever trans ported. LATIN AMERICA

Nineteen people were killed and 77 injured in Medellin and surrounding Colombian townships in a night of drug and guerrilla terror that included bomb blasts, massacres, and assassinations, police said Sunday. The attacks began only hours after President Cesar Gaviria Trujillo pledged to crack down on violence. THEUNITED STATES

Acknowledging "the sour taste of defeat," President Bush said Saturday he has no one but himself to blame for losing the election. He urged Americans to unite behind President-elect Clinton.

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