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Abortion-rights advocates are jubilant over a federal appeals court ruling in Washington on Tuesday that, at least for now, allows federally funded family planning clinics continue to counsel patients about abortion. The ruling is a setback for the Bush administration. AFRICA

The Angolan government called yesterday for talks with opposition UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi after fierce weekend fighting. Government forces crushed UNITA rebels in Luanda in fighting that claimed up to 1,000 lives.... Ghana's military leader, Jerry Rawlings, was leading in returns yesterday from the country's first presidential elections in 13 years. ECONOMY AND BUSINESS

A merger between Canada's two major airlines stalled Tuesday, Air Canada said. The companies said talks are continuing, though Air Canada's potential partner, Canadian Airlines, is said to be discussing a rival alliance with American Airlines.... In Brussels, the European Community agreed to ban cosmetics companies from testing products on animals as of 1998. EUROPE

The Russian legislature Wednesday ratified the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with the United States. The START treaty would cut long-range missiles and bombers by one-third. The US Senate adjourned last month without ratifying the 1991 pact.... Efforts to end the war in Bosnia were back on track yesterday after Yugoslav Prime Minister Milan Panic narrowly survived a no-confidence vote and Bosnia's Serbs agreed to stay in negotiations.

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