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INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS - This provocative Russian film sets up a counterpoint between passages from the psychological writings of Sigmund Freud and newsreel shots photographed since the early 1920s. The resulting juxtapositions amount to a visually and philosophically complex commentary on the nature of ideology, the interaction between personal and political concerns, and the history of social and cultural evolution in the 20th century. Directed by Andrei Zagdansky. (Not rated) MY NEW GUN - Debbie is a happy suburban homemaker who never wanted a pistol for protection or anything else; when her husband insists on giving her one, romance with a disreputable neighbor is among the unexpected results. Stacy Cochran makes a promising debut as director and screenwriter with this uneven but engaging blend of dark comedy and social commentary. Diane Lane and Stephen Collins head the perky cast. Ed Lachman did the crisp cinematography. (Not rated) THE PANAMA DECEPTION - This documentary looks closely at the United States invasion of Panama, spotlighting facts and drawing conclusions that have received little attention in mass-media treatments of the event. Although the film is marred by careless presentation and insufficiently precise argumentation at some points, it raises many important questions and provocative issues. Directed by Barbara Trent and written by David Kasper. (Not rated)

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