Diplomats Mull Plans For a New State in Bosnia

SERB armed forces are not complying fully with a United Nations Security Council resolution banning flights over Bosnia, European Community peace negotiator Lord Owen said yesterday.

Mediators Cyrus Vance and Lord Owen, co-chairmen of an international conference on Yugoslavia in Geneva, arrived in Belgrade yesterday for three days of meetings with officials from Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia. Lord Owen said that the Serbs had flown no combat aircraft but were infringing on other parts of the UN resolution passed two weeks ago.

Diplomats at the conference say mediators have drawn up a plan for a new-style state in Bosnia with a central government including all ethnic groups but giving wide powers to regional administrations.

On the ground, however, any attempt to prevent a carving up of Bosnia-Herzegovina has become a race against time. A nominal alliance between Muslims and Croats against the Serbs is in tatters in several areas, with both sides trying to snatch territory.

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