Robert Shapiro - Vice president of the Progressive Policy Institute, the economic think tank of the moderate Democratic Leadership Council. He is credited with putting together the major proposals in Clinton's economic program.

Derek Shearer - A left-leaning economist and professor of urban studies at Occidental College in California. He is interested in social spending, redressing disparities in income distribution. Knew Clinton from student days at Oxford.

Roger C. Altman - An assistant Treasury secretary during the Carter administration. Currently a New York investment banker, vice chairman of the Blackstone Group. Puts a lot of emphasis on deficit reduction. Close ties to the business community and Wall Street.

Robert Reich - Professor of economic policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. His key areas of interest include worker productivity and United States labor competitiveness in global markets.

Robert Rubin - Eyes and ears in the business community. Co-chairman of Goldman Sachs & Co. He says fiscal stimulus is compatible with long-term deficit reduction.

Lawrence Katz - Economics professor at Harvard. Focuses on the influence of education on family income and how economic growth affects income inequality.

David Cutler - Professor at Harvard. Studies labor issues, economic restructuring, and inequality in income distribution.

Paula Stern - President of the Stern Group. Former chairwoman of the International Trade Commission. Advises Clinton on international trade, finance, and economic issues with specific recommendations for trade agreements such as GATT and NAFTA.

Ira Magaziner - High-profile consultant who has pushed proposals emphasizing public investment, social spending, job creation, and training for workers. An advocate of high-technology solutions to defense conversion issues. He was a fellow student with Clinton at Oxford.

Gene Sperling - Currently economic policy director of Clinton-Gore campaign and architect of economic plan. Former special assistant to New York Gov. Mario Cuomo. He has focused on civil rights, having earned both law and business degrees.

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