Selected offerings from the Margaret Mead Film Festival (held in New York earlier this month) begin a national tour:

* November - Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, Calif.

* January, 1993 - University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

* February - Webster Museum, St. Louis.

* March - University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

* April - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

* May - Southern Film Circuit, Whitesberg, Ky.

* November - Memorial Museum, University of Austin, Texas.

Additional locations are still being finalized. The festival was programmed by Elaine Chamov and Nathaniel Johnson Jr. with assistance from filmmakers Michael Apted and Fred Wiseman, ethnographers Timothy Asch and David MacDougall, media commentator Bill Moyers, ethnographic film authority Faye Ginsburg, and Native American film expert Elizabeth Weatherford.

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