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Fugitive businessman Michael Kojima, who donated $500,000 to the GOP while owing more than $100,000 in child support, was arrested Saturday.... The US and China Saturday agreed to a trade accord in which China will phase out licensing and import restrictions that have blocked the sale of US-made products, and significantly reduce tariffs on many products.... A congressional report yesterday says a panel headed by Vice President Dan Quayle exerts illegal power over federal regulations....The Nobel Prize i n medicine or physiology was awarded yesterday to Americans Edmund Fischer and Edwin Krebs of the University of Washington for discoveries of a process responsible for preventing the body from rejecting transplanted organs. EUROPE AND MIDDLE EAST

Bosnia's military leaders boycotted UN-backed talks yesterday on ending the siege of Sarajevo because Serb rebels would not let crews restore the city's water and power.... Dutch authorities lowered the estimated death toll in the El Al air disaster Oct. 4 to 67 yesterday. Meanwhile, the search continued for engine No. 3, which is believed to have triggered the disaster. Authorities believe both engines broke off the starboard wing. But salvagers have recovered only engine No. 4. Investigators expect to know within days whether the flight data recorder will provide insight into the accident's cause.... In London yesterday, an explosion shattered a pub in the Covent Garden area, injuring four people. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the blast, which followed seven Irish Republican Army attacks last week.... A strong earthquake shook Cairo yesterday causing some damage and injuries in the city center.

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