James Brown Release Due in November

FOR his latest album - and the 79th recording of his career - the Godfather of Soul invited some of his favorite producers to put their stamp on the material.

The release of James Brown's "Universal James," due out Nov. 10, includes Jazzie B (who produces Soul II Soul) and Robert Clivilles and David Cole (of C&C Music Factory).

For the last four decades, Brown has been a major force in all fields of music.

His distinct style and showmanship has played a leading role in influencing the stylings of many of today's musicians: from songwriters and singers to producers and rappers. Brown's talent proves that he still sets the defining musical standards.

Recorded at the Soul II Soul studios in London and A&M Studios in Los Angeles, Jazzie B produced six songs for Brown. Titles include "Mine All Mine," "How Long," and "Moments."

"This is my all-time dream," Jazzie B says of the Brown sessions.

"Working with James Brown is one of the greatest things I've done in my career - it means more to me than winning my two Grammys. I'm honored," he says.

Clivilles and Cole produced the song "Can't Get Any Harder." This blockbuster number will feature five guest rappers.

"Universal James" also features three new songs written, produced, and arranged by Brown: "Make It Funky 2000," "Everybody's Got a Thing" and "Georgia-Lina." -PATHNAME- /usr/local/etc/httpd/plweb/DBGROUPS/paper/database/tape/92/sep/day30/30142.

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