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President Bush Friday vetoed a bill that would have permitted family-planning clinics receiving federal funds to refer women to abortion clinics.... Nineteen female marines joined 230 men Friday to begin the American military's first comprehensive, mixed-sex basic training.... Basketball star Earvin "Magic" Johnson resigned from the National Commission on AIDS Friday, criticizing the government for its response to the epidemic..... Rachel Kingsley Friday said she would file an appeal of the "divorce" tha t a Florida judge granted her 12-year-old son Gregory from her on Friday. The boy claimed he had been abused and abandoned by his biological parents and wanted to be adopted by his foster parents.... General Motors Corporation and the United Auto Workers returned to the bargaining table yesterday to end a two-day-old strike in a Lansing, Mich. body plant..... In Detroit, school and union leaders reached a tentative contract agreement Saturday to end a 27-day teachers' strike.... Tropical Storm Danielle Sat urday dumped heavy rain on the mid-Atlantic states and was blamed for at least one death in New Jersey. EUROPE

Russia will slash oil exports to other former Soviet republics next year while maintaining current sales to the West for hard currency, a minister said Saturday.... British National Heritage Secretary David Mellor resigned Thursday after intense media coverage of his alleged extra-marital affair with an actress and allegations that Arab friends paid for a vacation.... Torrential rains caused flash floods in southern France and the Mediterranean island of Corsica Saturday, killing two people and wrecking homes and bridges.

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