When We Need God's Help

`GOD is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble," the Bible teaches. For centuries people have, like the Psalmist, found comfort in the promise of God's loving care and have turned to Him in time of need.

Today we can continue to take quite literally the Bible's eternal assurances of God's care. His power is available to us, whatever we may be up against. God gives His children the help they need.

Christ Jesus' life showed this to be true. He relied on God's power and found solutions to all kinds of human problems. And he said that his followers would do the same. John records his promise in these words, ``Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also."

Each and every one of us can have the benefit of the healing power Jesus employed. Underlying the Master's words and deeds were spiritual truths, facts about God and man, which we can learn and demonstrate if we're willing to follow his example.

When we need divine assistance, we find it in a fuller and deeper understanding of the spiritual truths in the Bible. A book that can help with this is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. This is a book that brings to light God's ever-present goodness, His power, and His unfailing love for all His children. It shows us how a change in our concept of God and man brings peace of mind and practical answers to daily challenges. Mo st of all, it shows how the Bible's promises are fulfilled in our lives.

The Bible reveals that man is God's offspring, His image. Our actual being continuously reflects the Father's love. How, then, can we be helpless before fear, discord, lack, suffering? We can't be, not in reality. The concept of man as spiritual and complete is certainly contrary to what the five material senses would have us believe. But the Scriptures bring out that spirituality is our true selfhood.

As children of God, we are never really apart from His care. But we need to open our thought to the reality of His presence and power. Accepting the fact that we are, in truth, one with our Father, God, who knows and gives His children only good, brings our thinking into line with the harmony of spiritual perfection, the only reality. And this mental change brings healing.

What if our need is for better health? Can we realistically expect God's help with bodily ills? Indeed we can! Recently I was overcome by symptoms of influenza. I felt so weak I couldn't get out of bed. As I lay there, I prayed fervently to realize my selfhood as God's spiritual image. I reminded myself that man--my true identity--is spiritual, not material, and not subject to physical suffering. Before long the weakness and aches completely disappeared. In fact, I felt more energetic than usual and went

for a hike, feeling so free and deeply grateful for God's help.

Mrs. Eddy points out in Science and Health: ``To ignore God as of little use in sickness is a mistake. Instead of thrusting Him aside in times of bodily trouble, and waiting for the hour of strength in which to acknowledge Him, we should learn that He can do all things for us in sickness as in health."

Whatever may be troubling us--sickness, lack of funds, worry, sorrow--we always have recourse to the Father's care. It's comforting to realize that no problem can arise that cannot be successfully dealt with. When we have even a small knowledge of the spiritual truths that Jesus taught and practiced, we can turn to God with confidence that He will help us.

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