A cop's `code of silence'

I find the Opinion page article "The Cops' Code of Silence," Aug. 31, amazing. The author shows his true colors as a former officer who carried a badge and tried to enforce the law. He forgets that a lot of people who wear the badge forget that they work for the taxpayer, not for a secret order.

Yes, officers have a tough job, but it does not give them the right to be silent in the face of misconduct by fellow officers. Officers who know of defiant misconduct and do not inform their superiors about it do not deserve to wear a badge.

The code of silence serves no one - not the police and definitely not the public. Yes, police officers have unrealistic expectations put on them by society and by police officers themselves.

I agree with the author that departments should take definite action when they know an officer is not fit for duty. Instead of a code of silence, police officers should set the example and expose those who are a danger to themselves and to the public. Lee Rice, Memphis

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