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North Dakota Gov. George Sinner Saturday appointed Jocelyn Burdick, wife of the late Senator Quentin Burdick (D), to fill her husband's Senate seat until a special election is held.... In Warwick, Rhode Island, eighteen striking teachers, jailed for contempt of court, were released temporarily Saturday so they could attend strike negotiations.... In Delaware Saturday, five-term Representative Thomas Carper won the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Outgoing Governor Michael Castle won the Republican nomin ation for the state's sole House of Representatives seat. EUROPE

Riot police sent into French prisons to take over from striking guards quelled mutinies by prisoners in four jails Saturday, Justice Ministry officials said.... Italy's President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro Friday halted Prime Minister Giuliano Amato's controversial demand for special powers to run the economy by decree. The move came at the end of a day in which the central bank spent $619 million in another attempt to shore up the battered lira.... Women band members Saturday marched for the first time in 155

years in the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. ASIA AND THE PACIFIC

Pro-democracy parties which challenged Thailand's powerful military appeared headed for a narrow victory in yesterday's general election. Democracy leaders said they are ready to form a coalition government.... A neutral Afghan buffer force has pushed government forces and rival Hezb-i-Islami fighters out of positions south of Kabul to try to bring lasting peace to the battered city, a commander said yesterday.

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