How Can the US Best Aid the Shiites?

Regarding the editorial "Helping the Shiites - and Others," Aug. 24: I agree that the Iraq government should halt the oppression of the Shiites and the Kurds within its borders. The United States should back United Nations Resolution 688, demanding that Iraq stop this oppression. It would not be wise, however, for the US to insist on taking the lead in reinstating Desert Storm operations in southern Iraq. The US record of insisting on compliance with UN resolutions is quite shaky.

British Prime Minister John Major says the Western powers cannot "just stand by" and watch the "systematic destruction of a whole people." Interestingly, and not mentioned in the editorial, Britain and the US have stood by for over 40 years as Israel works at the destruction of a whole people - the Palestinians. William V. Kelly, Austin, Texas Loan guarantee to Israel

Although full details of President George Bush's decision to ask Congress to grant $10 billion in loan guarantees to Israel to help settle immigrants from the former USSR have not been revealed to United States taxpayers, peace there would be better served if at least $2 billion were given toward a West Bank-Gaza Strip development project created by a team of Israeli and Palestinian planners together. If the area could be opened to all people regardless of their labels, both the process and the results c ould make peace much more likely and thereby attract private investment that would not require a large guarantee from US taxpayers. Theodore Herman, Cornwall, Pa. Capital-gains tax

Regarding the Economy page article "How Washington Can Create New Jobs," Aug. 24: The author is dead wrong if he really believes that people think of capital gains as part of their decisionmaking process in risking capital or starting new businesses. The reasons for starting businesses are many: the desire to be independent; the aspiration for wealth and position; the necessity; and the fulfillment of an idea or ideal. I have formed and have helped form businesses and know many people who have started, s ucceeded, or failed in their businesses. None of them thought of capital gains when they started. Bob Chernow, River Hills, Wis.

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