Lebanon Chronology

Nov.26, 1941 Independence from France proclaimed. April 13, 1975 Civil war breaks out between ruling Maronite Phalanguist Party and Palestinian groups. April 12, 1976 Syria sends troops to support Lebanon's government. June 6, 1982 Israel attacks PLO forces in Lebanon. Aug. 4, 1982 Iran sends Revolutionary Guards to Lebanon to fight the Israelis. Aug. 25,1982 Britain, France, Italy, and the US send peacekeeping force to Beirut. Sept. 14, 1982 President-elect Bashir Gemayel, a pro-Israel Maronite Catholic, is assassinated. Israelis strom West Beirut. Sept. 16, 1982 Christian militiamen massacre hundreds of Palestinian civilians in Beirut's Shabra and Chatilla refugee camps, an area under Israeli control. April 18, 1983 The United States Embassy in Beirut is hit by a Shiite suicide bomber, killing 63. Oct. 23, 1983 Suicide truck-bonb attacks on US and French bases kill 241 Americans and 58 French paratroopers. Feb. 6, 1984 Muslim and leftist militias seize control of West Beirut. June 10, 1985 The Israeli Army withdraws but occupies a border strip patrolled by allied Christian militiamen. Sept. 22, 1989 An Arab League-brokered cease-fire takes hold. Nov. 24, 1989 Elias Hrawi is elected president. May 1, 1992 Muslim and Christian militias start disbanding. June 17, 1992 The last Western hostages held in Lebanon are released. Aug. 24, 1992 Lebanese vote for a new parliament for the first time in 20 years.

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