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DIGGSTOWN - This dark comedy hovers between "Rocky" and "The Sting" as two con artists face off over a small-town boxing tournament. The picture was directed by Michael Ritchie, who tries for the merciless and hilarious satire he dished out in "Smile" and "Semi-Tough" years ago. But he gets distracted by bone-crunching action in the prizefighting ring and ends up exploiting the decadent spectacle he aims to parody. There's terrific acting, though. (Rated R) HONEYMOON IN VEGAS - That's all Jack and Betsy want. But a love-struck gambler and a crooked poker game get in the way, leading our heroine to a Hawaiian retreat with the bad guy, and our hero to a plane trip with a platoon of skydiving Elvis imitators. The action is always fast, frequently vulgar, and often quite funny in Andrew Bergman's inventive comedy; and Nicolas Cage gives another of his patented almost-over-the-edge performances. (Rated PG-13) LITTLE NEMO: ADVENTURES IN SLUMBERLAND - A little boy visits the land of dreams. Based on the classic Winsor McCay comic strip, this animated film gives an appealing turn-of-the-century look to many of its settings and characters. Others come straight from the modern-day Walt Disney mold, though, and the story is less imaginative than the picture's best visual ideas. Written by Chris Columbus and Richard Outten from a concept by Ray Bradbury; directed by Masami Hata and William Hurtz. (Rated G)

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