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Israel has approved a US request to begin extradition proceedings against fugitive New York electronics retailer Eddie "Crazy Eddie" Antar, a Justice Ministry spokeswoman said yesterday. Antar fled the US more than two years ago after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and allegedly cheating his company's stockholders out of more than $50 million. EUROPE

Talks on the future of Czechoslovakia - facing a split into two separate republics - have been called off by the Slovak side, Czech Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus said yesterday. The talks were intended as a further step toward agreement on a peaceful division of the 74-year-old Czechoslovak federation.... France has agreed on a broad aid program to help rebuild its former colony Vietnam. Cooperation agreements signed in Hanoi Saturday cover a wide range of projects, including airport modernization, seaport

development, road improvements, bridges, and urban renovation. ASIA AND THE PACIFIC

Taiwan condemned South Korea yesterday for switching diplomatic recognition to China, and imposed economic sanctions against the nation. China and South Korea signed a pact establishing official relations in Beijing earlier in the day, and Seoul - Taiwan's last formal diplomatic ally in Asia - broke official ties with the island.... Japanese and Thai officials failed during recent negotiations to persuade the Khmer Rouge to restart the Cambodian peace process, a Japanese government source said yesterday.

The source said no agreement emerged from Saturday's talks, but the three agreed to meet again.

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