Getting Rid of Sexual Harassment

The recent editorial "The Roots of Sexual Harassment," July 30, is commendable. The quotation by a woman that men must stop looking upon women as sex objects is a worthy goal, but it's unobtainable by passage of laws and the action of courts when women continue looking upon men as sex objects.

All elements of our media are filled with stories, movies, programs, and advertising promoting sex appeal as paramount the objective of relationships. Men are depicted as dressing, speaking, and acting macho to attract women, and women are depicted as being sexually alluring to attract men. This will not make sexual harassment go away, nor will it help men and women control their behavior.

The media are sexually harassing our society, and it is here that we must direct our attention to solve the problem. Herbert E. Humbert, Buckingham Park, Calif.

I thought I would get a balanced appraisal on the issue of sexual harassment, but I was very disappointed as I read on.

I was appalled by the public bullying Anita Hill received from the inquisitorial senators on the all-male committee; but I was equally appalled at the public scorn and humiliation that Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas received. The image of that man sitting alone before the inquisitors absorbing innuendo and abuse is permanently etched in my mind. To mention one victim and to ignore the other does not give a balanced picture.

I agree without qualification that "what many men `don't get' are the inner, spiritual dimensions of manhood as well as womanhood, something a lot of women `don't get' either." I find, however, the statement: "The behavior comes out of an attitude - a failure on the part of men to recognize the complete humanity of women," an example of not understanding the spiritual dimensions of manhood. I know the statement is not an accurate reflection of my attitude as a man.

The editorial wisely concludes that "final healing will take place only as the full identity of men and women is appreciated." I do not think the editorial contributed to that appreciation. Rather than healing, it added fuel to the fire. Donald B. Harris, Williamsburg, Va.

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