Support for the New Energy Bill

The author's antinuclear colors show clearly in the Opinion page article "Still Missing: a National Energy Policy," July 30. He also misinforms readers about licensing reform for advanced nuclear power plants. Far from limiting public participation in licensing nuclear power plants, the energy policy legislation pending in Congress assures four opportunities for public participation. Antinuclear activists oppose these long-overdue reforms because the changes will promote public and investor confidence in

the nuclear regulatory process and will create a fair, stable, and consistent system for licensing future nuclear plants.

Congress has approved nuclear plant licensing reform by overwhelming majorities in the United States House and Senate. Phillip Bayne, Washington President and CEO US Council for Energy Awareness

The United States could lead the way in ending dependency on Middle East oil as well as subsidies to Middle Eastern despots with the use of efficient and cost-saving energy alternatives. Both the United States House and the Senate have passed energy bills that would encourage greater energy efficiency, including nuclear electric-generating production.

Our country needs clean domestic energy sources, and it should be able to avail itself of nonpolluting electricity. The sooner the game of obstructionist tactics is ended, the better. Miro M. Todorovich, New York Executive Director Scientists and Engineers For Secure Energy The `grim' state of the economy

Regarding the Opinion page article "The Case for Bush," August 7: The author seems to believe that the press and media have overreacted in portraying the contemporary economy as "grim." One need only glance at the current statistics involving unemployment and consumer confidence to ascertain how debilitating the numbers actually are.

If Bush has filled the criteria for being a fine president and "has generally met the example-setting demands of the presidency," then why are the American people convinced that his leadership has failed them and that an alternative solution must be sought? Barry J. Williams, Covington, Ky. The inflated US deficit

Regarding the Opinion Page article "Tiptoeing Around the Deficit," August 6. The author is correct in saying that the deficit is a "big political minefield." The presidential candidates must address this problem. If there ever was a time when Americans were ready to listen, now is the time. The candidate will win hands down who has the talent and the courage to tell the truth. Niels T. Anderson, Cedar Springs, Mich.

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