The `Motor-Voter' Bill as a Possible Solution to Low Voter

Regarding the Opinion page article " `Motor-Voter' Bill - A Solution in Search of a Problem," July 28: How can the author look at the statistics on voter participation in the United States and say there is no problem?

The vetoed "motor-voter" bill is just one step to improve the situation. As an elections inspector it is difficult explaining to parents how their voting-age children can register. The opportunity to become a registered voter should be required for students in their last year of high school. There also should be registration forms available at the polls where prospective voters can sign up for the next election. Anyone who sees the opening up of participation to a larger electorate as merely another chan ce for fraud is being cynical about what our democracy is based on - the innate good sense of the American people. Mary Dunham, Amsterdam, N.Y.

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