Hillary Clinton's Appeal to the Electorate

Regarding the article "Image-Consultant Industry Comes of Age," July 21, I took exception to the following sentence: "Hillary Clinton was lagging in the polls because she sometimes appeared to be high-powered and ambitious ...." It was suggested that she get a new hairstyle and wear pastel colors.

Reverse the situation: Gov. Bill Clinton was lagging in the polls because he sometimes appeared to be high-powered and ambitious. It was recommended that he get a new hairstyle and wear softer colored suits; light blue would be best.

When will the public accept the fact that it is OK for women to have successful careers and show intelligence? Linda Bilsbarrow, Crystal Lake, Ill.

Regarding the front-page article "Clinton's Choice of Gore for V.P. Challenges GOP," July 10: I very much question the appropriateness of the word "derided" in your description of Hillary Clinton as "a liberal, career-oriented lawyer who has derided the notion of staying home and baking cookies ...."

In an interview reported in Wellesley Magazine (Spring 1992), Mrs. Clinton states: "Actually, I was a sound-bite victim. I went on to say - which was left out - `You know the work I've done as a professional, as a public advocate, has been aimed to assure that women can make the choices they want to make, whether it's full-time career, full-time motherhood, or some combination.' "

I would not expect the Monitor to succumb to a sound bite. Barbara C. Hearon, Portland, Ore. Tipper Gore cartoon

How sad to see Tipper Gore depicted in Jeff Danziger's cartoon July 15 as listening to "Happy Days Are Here Again" backward as if to find some disguised lyrics in that old campaign theme. The lyrics that Mrs. Gore had the courage to confront in some popular music do not need playing backward as any detective method to perceive how insidious is the message to our young people and how destructive to a safe and progressive society.

Many of us should follow Gore's example as lifting a voice of reason. Politicians are fair game; a concerned mother isn't. Betty Pittman, Orlando, Fla.

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