The Other Side of the `Clintonomics' Coin

Would the Monitor have published an article by the captain of the Titanic on safe seamanship? Then why did Beryl Sprinkle critique Gov. Bill Clinton's economic policies? Mr. Sprinkel was one of the officers in command of that economic ship known as Reaganomics, which sank with disastrous results.

A partial list of casualties includes the middle class, the poor, and the uneducated. The author suggests that Clintonomics is a loser, which it is not, while conveniently overlooking the disaster he helped make.

Like a rainbow, Reagan-omics looked beautiful, but when you grabbed for its substance, it turned out to be an illusion. Clintonomics is not an illusion but a solid agenda for cleaning up the economic debris. Taft Lowell, Arlington Heights, Ill.

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