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Based on a Gallup poll Democratic candidate Bill Clinton would win 57 percent of the vote to President Bush's 32 percent if the election were held today, Cable News Network reported.... The Senate voted Aug. 3 to sharply restrict, and eventually end, US testing of nuclear weapons, defying President Bush and culminating a four-decade struggle by testing opponents.... New York City Police Commissioner Lee Brown, announced his resignation Aug. 3 for personal reasons. Brown was appointed by Mayor David Dinki ns in 1990. EUROPE

Money launderers in Austria will face up to five years in jail under the terms of a new draft law to come into force at the start of next year, Justice Minister Nikolaus Michalek said Aug 4. The law aims to halt the flow of illegally earned money to legitimate investments via anonymous Austrian bank accounts.... Germany has begun destroying stockpiles of tanks and other heavy weapons, becoming the first country to implement the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty.... Meanwhile 38 young children from a S arajevo orphanage landed in Germany Aug. 4 after leaving Bosnia-Herzegovina.... Russia insists that Iraq fulfill all conditions imposed by the UN Security Council, but the Foreign Ministry refused Aug. 4 to offer details on whether Moscow would supply troops for a future peacekeeping force. Meanwhile, in Baghdad, President Saddam Hussein is urging Iraqis to be more self-sufficient in a move to tighten his grip on power and overcome UN sanctions, now in their third year....The Republic of Georgia's ruling St ate Council announced Aug. 4 it would end the state of emergency, lift curfews and free political prisoners.

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