Baker's Role in the Bush Campaign

The editorial "Back to Politics," July 24, states, "The secretary of state is, to put it mildly, otherwise occupied at the moment." Yet, should the Republicans be ousted in the November election, Secretary of State James Baker III certainly would have to occupy himself otherwise.

President Bush should use his best possible player in this home-turf arena. Even in the game of chess, the best player must be moved to help save the king (in this case the party).

It is due to the Bush administration's eye on foreign policy that the home turf can now be put into more specific perspective (by either party). But not, of course, until Congress realizes that, although there are two parties, there is but one country. The unrest of the electorate is a healthy sign. We of America have been nudged out of complacency. Now we must think deeply enough to see. D. June Shores, Black Mountain, N.C.

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