Ode to equestrians

The excellent article, "Jumping Onto the Olympic Team," July 10, about our United States Equestrian Team's Olympic riders and horses was greatly appreciated by this long time Monitor reader and equestrian enthusiast.

This is an exciting sport which unfortunately is being targeted for removal from the Olympic games in the future by those who do not appreciate the genuine athletic prowess of the riders. True, they do not compete "alone" but then neither do athletes who team up with other humans or those who use a device such as a boat or sled to compete in their chosen sport.

I do not know what the situation is in the rest of the world, but those of use who want to see our equestrian team on television in the United States will not be able to. The networks carrying the Olympics this year have decided to totally eliminate coverage of equestrian events!

In spite of this boycott, our team will be there representing the United States and will, as usual, give their very best. I thank the Monitor for recognizing them. Judy Reinsma, Saugus, Calif.

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