Build With the Best of Them!

Construction Tips:

* Build in a place that has wet, well-packed sand. Sand that is too dry won't hold together.

* Build close enough to the water to make mixing easy, but not so close that the waves will attack before you're done.

* Clear your building site of seaweed, stones, and rubbish before you begin. Be sure to clean up again after you're finished. Recommended Reading:

To find out more about sandcastles and how to build them, check your library.

Here are a few books to look for:

The Art and Industry of Sandcastles, by Jan Adkins, Walker Publishing Co.

Sand Castles, Step-by-Step, by Lucinda Wierenga with Walter McDonald, Meadow Press.

Sandcastles, by Joseph Allen, Don McQuiston, Debra McQuiston, and Marshall Harrington, Doubleday & Co.

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