Fighting raged throughout Bosnia-Herczegovina yesterday, and heavy shelling forced a halt to a United Nations aid airlift to Sarajevo, shattering a cease-fire agreement.

Many of the 300,000 residents of besieged Sarajevo spent the night in basements or other shelters because of heavy shelling from Serbian positions around the capital that began about 10 p.m. Sunday - four hours after the cease-fire was to have begun.

The new fighting included heavy shelling around the airport that forced the UN High Commissioner on Refugees to suspend an airlift of humanitarian aid into Sarajevo for the first time since it began July 3.

The new fighting came despite pleas from Milan Panic, the new prime minister of the rump Yugoslav federation of Serbia and Montenegro, who flew to Sarajevo Sunday to urge the fighters to observe the truce.

European Community foreign ministers gathered in Brussels yesterday to discuss the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina and other troubled former Yugoslav republics. EC mediators brokered the latest cease-fire agreement.

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