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In New York, Seneca Indians ended a week of protests over a state effort to tax them, choosing instead to negotiate, tribal leaders said Saturday. At issue is a state tax adopted in 1989, and upheld by a state appeals court on July 9, that would tax gasoline and cigarettes sold on reservations to non-Indians.... Air carriers increased fares Saturday by about 4 percent in most domestic markets, a day after American Airlines dropped a plan to raise fares by as much as 35 percent. An increase of 35 percent

would bring fares back to the levels of mid-April, when American instituted a simplified pricing system that was undercut by some rivals. Most airlines refused to go along with the 35 percent hike, and American backed off Friday.... The Supreme Court on Friday voted 7 to 2 against returning the French-made abortion drug RU-486 to a pregnant American woman. The pills were seized by the US Customs Service because they are banned by the Food and Drug Administration. Abortion-rights supporters criticized the c ourt's ruling. EUROPE

In Russia, Viktor Gerashchenko was appointed acting central bank chief Friday, following the resignation of Georgy Matyukhin for health reasons. Gerashchenko immediately signaled a change in economic policy, criticizing his predecessor's moves to prop up the ruble and warning that the currency cannot be made convertible yet. AFRICA

In Rwanda, fighting continued in the northern region yesterday as the government and rebels raced to claim ground before a cease-fire due at midnight. But sources close to the rebels said the cease-fire was expected to hold.

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