List Broad Goals; Listen to Voters

BONNIE CAMPBELL, attorney general of Iowa and a convention delegate, believes her party has accepted the need to change.

"You can't watch a phenomenon like Ross Perot, and all the commentary suggesting that people are not satisfied with the two-party system, and say, `Oh well, tough luck for them.' "

Yet, she says, "I'm not sure people know exactly how to change."

One sure thing is that people want the same level of public service they are getting without raising taxes, she says "and that's going to require some very fancy footwork."

"So where do we go from here?"

Campbell suggests that this campaign not try to tell Americans exactly what a Democratic administration would do.

Instead, it should give a broad direction through the party platform and by the leaders on its national ticket. Then the party should spend the next four months listening to what people really expect from government leaders.

In Iowa, people are very worried about "the clear diminishing of their status in life." Most families now require two paychecks to support them instead of one, and "everybody in Iowa, with only a few exceptions, is only a paycheck or two away from being homeless."

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